Watch your words, Marketer

Master level of marketing is open for everyone, just watch your words.

Level 0

Decade ago I saw a lot of companies, where main and only role of marketing was “beautifying” everything.

Motto: „take it and make it more impactful on your boss”.

Level 1

Since then, stakeholders’ taste had been replaced by target group’s taste.

Motto: „take it and make it more impactful on target group”.

Level 2

Starts when marketer understend that marketing is not about spamming,

Motto: „Take it and make it targeted”.

Level 3

MarTech helped marketer climb up on next level. This level is limited for tech-savvy marketers only.

Motto: „Prove that marketing is revenue driver.”

Master level

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Now, when almost every channel can give you real-time feedback, you can track every lead’s move in its customer journey, use predictive analytics and ZMOT can demystify your advertising myth in a seconds, you as marketer becoming responsible for organisation itself. Each communication signal – both coming in and out – should go via marketing. All that to keep appropriate level of “truth consistency”.

This is the master level, where marketing owns the room where revenue table is located.


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Watch your words, Marketer. It is a great time to repositioning yourself in your own mind. All tools you need have been developed, all over around you is ready for transformation.

It is not fantasy. It is just next step.