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  • Zasady – Ray Dalio

    „Tak. Tak! Właśnie tak! Wiedziałem.” To moja najczęstsza reakcja w trakcie lektury tej książki. To co w marketingu uważam, za największe pole do usprawnień to organizacja. Reszta to koncepcje, które bez odpowiedniej organizacji i właściwego umocowania marketingu, są równie użyteczne jak płynna znajomość starogreckiego. Książka R.Dalio była dla mnie doprecyzowaniem i wyjaśnieniem tego jak myślę […]

  • Corporate world v/s independent entrepreneur

    I am pleased to have been invited by Piotr to write a guest blog post. Today, I will focus on comparing the corporate world and the entrepreneurial one. I will highlight 3 main differences and discuss which skills can be used interchangeably in the Part II of the Series. With that, let’s jump straight into […]

  • What do CEOs hate about marketing departments?

    Marketing departments conduct endless discussions about colors, shapes and visual consistency with no relevance to business results.  

  • About me

    Professional profile In the most synthetic way, my successes are described on the LinkedIn profile. In a nutshell: I have nearly 20 years of experience in communication, starting from gaining experience in the editorial office of the largest portal in Poland, through advertising and marketing agencies, to work in the marketing department in a global […]

  • Digital transformation of marketing departments

    Whether the marketing department is good or not, depends only on its work organisation. If you want to improve it, you’ve come to the right place. Intro Effective contemporary marketing is a mix of technology, management and culture. Marketing projects are extremely comprehensive and built under time and environment pressure. That’s why ability to create […]